Bongiorno Bellas, I’ll be uploading a 3 part series of my adventures in Milan.

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Below is also my itinerary for Milan Day 1 if you’re interested, I planned quite thoroughly so it’s easy to go from one tourist attraction to another!

Milan Day 1 (Arrive at 10:50AM)

  • Get the MilanoCard at airport
  • Get To Milano Central Station
  • Check baggage into day storage (Left luggage – KiPoint)
    • For 5 hours 6 euros!
  • Luini Panzerotti (Lunchhhhh!)
    • A Must have in Milan (Mozerrla cheese + tomatos fresh in bread)
    • “street food” of Milan
  • Milan Cathedral (Duomo)
    • Address: Piazza del Duomo, 20122 Milan, Italy
    • Free or 7
    • dis a church
  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
    • Address: Piazza del Duomo, 20123 Milan, Italy
    • Architecture/Pic
    • Food/Dining
  • Castello Sforzesco
    • Address: Piazza Castello, 3, 20100 Milan, Italy
    • dis a castle
    • dis is free
  • Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore
    • Address: Corso Magenta, 15, 20123 Milan, Italy (Centro Storico)
    • Free
    • dis a church too

Travel Friendly Review: LEADERS MEDIU AC-Free Spot Patch

As you guys know, I went for a mini Vacation to LA, and flying sometimes gives me stress. Stress gives me pimples. With vacation no one wants pimples in their photos.

Alright I do admit eating out everyday while I was there was probably not the best for my skin.

So this product, that came in my beautybox by BNTnews, a day before I left was perfect and travel friendly. Most of the items, as you can see from my reviews, were larger and liquids, not travel friendly at all. So this was perfect to bring and try out while on vacation.


Did I mention it fit in my smallest bag? (ft. above in my smallest Kate Spade bag). It’s literally the best size for carrying out just in case problem spots appear. It fit in all my bags, and there was always space for it.

Second best part besides being travel friendly? It worked.

Only bummers is that the patch is recommended to stay on for 8-12 hours, which is a larger part of the day. But since I’ve been mostly using it during the night it doesn’t really matter.


The patch contains salicylic acid and teatree oil, whose properties are wildly claimed to help calm and reduce pimples greatly. The patch is recommended for oily/combination skin. Yes it works on my combination skin. Yay.

Third greatest thing about the patch itself? It’s so thin and clear. People can only really notice it if the light reflects off it’s small surface of it they’re really close to your face.

SAMSUNG CSCPretty thin, they’re like clear stickers for your face problems.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of my before and afters because I didn’t think to take any as I was testing out the first few. After that I didn’t have any pimples. I’ve been pimple free for 3 weeks now. So I can’t do a show and tell.

But at $5  here for something similar (same brand different-ish product.) There’s no harm in trying right?

I’d recommend people who have similar skin, blemish free most of the time with one annoying pimple to try it out. Because it looks silly with more than two on, I’ve tried.

I’m giving this problem a 9/10 on the Doris magic scale.

I’ve been liking everything in my BNTnews beautybox so far. Loving this.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it ❤

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