BNTgirl x Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture ALOE VERA

Time sure flies when you’re having fun.

One of the first products ever given to me by BNTnews for the BNTgirls was the Comelyco Aloe, which you can read here. Now we’ve come full circle, two years later and I’m reviewing what may be the OG (original) aloe.

From Nature Republic, today I be reviewing their Soothing & Moisture ALOE VERA 92% Soothing Gel.


Ba-bam! I think it’s one of Nature Republic’s most quintessential products. It’s maybe what everyone associates it to at least. For around $5 USD there’s not much that can be it in price v. quality v. quantity. I still have about a quarter of the tub of the first aloe gel BNTnews gave me. So $5 for good times, you can’t beat that price.


Of course there’ll be differences, the most major of the two would be that Nature Republic’s features 3% less aloe, and I think that may be a good thing. The comelyco one was a bit too gel like and wouldn’t absorb into my skin properly, but I definitely felt like the Nature Republic one did.


Now the acne test, good news guys I actually had a minor hormonal break out to truly test this product last week. I’m weak especially on my forehead and my chin.

So the before:


The after (about 15 hours into viciously applying it onto my chin):


As you can see from the images, the redness definitely toned down A LOT. And overall it just calmed the whole problem area down.

I really like aloe, it’s a awesome gift from nature (heh, nature republic) and it’s yummy and it’s awesome for treating acne and sunburns.


So all in all, I definitely think everyone should just have a tub at home.

It’s $7 of happiness guys, totally worth.

You can get it for $7 and free 2 day shipping with prime here


This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in

it (◕w◕ア

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BNTgirl x iSOi ACNI Dr. 1st Control Essence

Sometimes like all human beings I get skin care problems.

Hormonal acne especially troubles me once a month. I’ll get some small pimples, though it doesn’t sound too bad they’re extremely noticeable against the rest of my clear skin.

So today I’ll be reviewing a product that helped me get by those monthly woes;  iSOi ACNI Dr. 1st Control Essence.


It’s a serum/essence that helps with skin care overall;  ft. blemishes, dryness and troubled skin overall.

Like always iSOi has fantastic glass packaging that makes it feel quite luxurious.


Being by iSOi I expected nothing less than it being absorbed into my skin quickly and easily. The absorption was great and felt light. The cream itself has a mild fragrance so it won’t irritate the skin any further. The essence also boasts that it has no chemical ingredients and that it’s all natural, and I believe it.


The serum helped my acne fade away naturally and my skin imperfections less imperfect. It helped my redness around my cheeks and nose fade and for the first time in forever I went out with almost no make up on to school. I only have my brows done in the picture below, and that’s it.


I think overall I’d rate this a 8/10. I don’t think you should treat this like a acne treatment by itself but rather a face imperfection remover instead.

If you’re interested you can buy it here for $30.
This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it (◕w◕ア

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BNTgirl x Comelyco JEJU Organic Aloe 95% Gel

Bonsoir! Alo!

I’m back, and I’m sad to say this might be my last BNTBeauty Box series review, good news though, I’ll actually be pairing these reviews with video reviews. So hopefully everyone will get a better sense, or visual, of the product.

First up is one of my favorite products this time in my BNTBeauty Box, it’s Comelyco’s Jeju Organic Aloe 95% Soothing Gel! Aloe is so in, very haute stuff (haha, get it? It’ll help soothe your burnt skin).

First off let’s set the scene, Jeju Island (Hawaii-like but Korean?), sand between our toes and the nice heat of the sun against our skin. Ouch, too much sun maybe? Aloe to the rescue.

As the product states in it’s very informative title, it’s a gel that’s 95% aloe and is from Jeju (organic). Jeju(do) is an Korean island south of the Korean mainland, on the Korean Strait, and is a very popular honeymoon/vacation spot for tourists and nationals alike. The island is suppose to have healing properties, from it’s volcano/volcano mud, and the warmer climate in general.

Almostttttttttttttt paradiseeeeeee~

Don’t you just think about Boys over Flowers as well when you think of Aloe x Jeju?

Plus it’s organic. It contains no;

  • Artificial Colors
  • Parabens
  • Benzopenone
  • Animal raw materials
  • PG
  • PEG
  • formaldehyde

Ecofriendly Aloe is the best aloe, anytime anywhere, be it on the beach on a exotic Korean island or at home (representing the North-East of the USA here). But what does aloe do you may ask?


Now this maybe silly, but you may also ask what does it smell like??? Aloe. I’m not very helpful here but if you go to a bubble tea shop and if they do serve aloe jelly it smells like this! So it also smells like bubble tea….yum. Less sugar-y of course.


But really, most importantly, what does it do for your skin.

Aloe-mazing things.

For the past week, I’ve been majorly stressed; projects, exams, life, lack of sleep etc, the whole lot. It left my skin in pretty bad shape, Comelyco’s Jeju Organic Aloe 95% came in like a present sent from the skincare gods.

In the next few photos I’ll show you in the course of 3 real days how it transformed my skin complexion (dull ->radiant) and how it helped with my acne/redness greatly. Seriously aloe-rrah!

First let’s show my nose, as you can see on the tip there’s a few bumps, small imperfections (mini acne attack) and redness.


Bippity boppity boo-aloe! Nose awesomeness.

Next major pain/acne attack area is my chin.


Transforming my skin, one day at a time, you can see how the acne spots and red spots simply disappear, like they were never there to harass me. BNTbeauty Box savior.

Here’s a picture of my overall complexion, see the magic. Bare skin magic. I feel ready to show the world my naked face after aloe-jic happened.



This aloe gel has been amazing to my face for the last week or so, and I can’t say anymore great things about it, besides it’s wonderful.

But wait, there’s more!

You can buy this skin wonder here for only $5.44. Yes. You read that right. $5.44.

I’m giving this skincare magic in a jar a 10/10.

My full blessing. What’s there to lose? It costs as much a Venti latte from Starbucks, go ahead, enjoy.
This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it ❤

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Travel Friendly Review: LEADERS MEDIU AC-Free Spot Patch

As you guys know, I went for a mini Vacation to LA, and flying sometimes gives me stress. Stress gives me pimples. With vacation no one wants pimples in their photos.

Alright I do admit eating out everyday while I was there was probably not the best for my skin.

So this product, that came in my beautybox by BNTnews, a day before I left was perfect and travel friendly. Most of the items, as you can see from my reviews, were larger and liquids, not travel friendly at all. So this was perfect to bring and try out while on vacation.


Did I mention it fit in my smallest bag? (ft. above in my smallest Kate Spade bag). It’s literally the best size for carrying out just in case problem spots appear. It fit in all my bags, and there was always space for it.

Second best part besides being travel friendly? It worked.

Only bummers is that the patch is recommended to stay on for 8-12 hours, which is a larger part of the day. But since I’ve been mostly using it during the night it doesn’t really matter.


The patch contains salicylic acid and teatree oil, whose properties are wildly claimed to help calm and reduce pimples greatly. The patch is recommended for oily/combination skin. Yes it works on my combination skin. Yay.

Third greatest thing about the patch itself? It’s so thin and clear. People can only really notice it if the light reflects off it’s small surface of it they’re really close to your face.

SAMSUNG CSCPretty thin, they’re like clear stickers for your face problems.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of my before and afters because I didn’t think to take any as I was testing out the first few. After that I didn’t have any pimples. I’ve been pimple free for 3 weeks now. So I can’t do a show and tell.

But at $5  here for something similar (same brand different-ish product.) There’s no harm in trying right?

I’d recommend people who have similar skin, blemish free most of the time with one annoying pimple to try it out. Because it looks silly with more than two on, I’ve tried.

I’m giving this problem a 9/10 on the Doris magic scale.

I’ve been liking everything in my BNTnews beautybox so far. Loving this.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it ❤

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