Chipotle and Halloween! And some Haagen Daz

Happy Halloween (late)!

But I hope you all had a wonderful week nonetheless!

I’ve been relaxing at home so I haven’t been able to go out and eat much!

But here we go!

So on Halloween chipotle as having this awesome fundraiser, $2, per entre! And up to $1M was going to a charity!

All you had to do was dress and up and show up!

And of course I did!



I got a delicious burrito bowl which I was obviously too happy to enjoy!

Fortunately I wasn’t the only adult(ish) person to wear a costume!

And for dessert…HAAGEN DAZ

I love them. Kind of small though…but still yummy! 🙂




Thanks for reading!


Jamaican patty,coffee and coke! And French onion soup!

Well first off I hope everyone near the east coast is safe.

I know I haven’t posted much lately but that’s because I haven’t gone out much lately!

Cold and stuff.

So here’s a quick post!

First warm and bubbly, panera!

French onion soup…!


So today I had Korean food for take out(again) but to my surprise they now give you a free coke when you do order takeout!



Next if anyone was curious, here’s the package of the Jamaican patties I bought. They’re premade so all I have to do is mircowave them!


Also free coffee and McDonald’s! YAY



Snack update!

So recently I went to a pub (exciting) and I got a delirium tremens. A type of beer, it was kind of cool. Better than a lot of other beers I had. 🙂

Sin’s and redemption. On Dundas!


I’ll put a full post about that later!


Ramen + cheese

I never expected it to be so good, I tried it since a friend had recommended it to me and BAM. It was delicious!


I suggest you try it. 🙂

Healthy optional snack. Strawberry yogurt and granola!!!


Korean take out!

So last night instead of doing that eating out and alone thing I decided to order the pork bone soup (gamjatang) out to go.

LOL yeah didn’t feel like eating alone while some people look at me and I feel awkward.

But it was interesting since I never ordered Korean as take out, or soup for that matter so it was interesting to see what it would look like!

I got some bonchon (YAY) kimchi and pickled radish!


And rice!




I absolutely LOVE the pork bone soup from the Owl of Minerva, it’s delicious.


So yeah that was my dinner, loved it!


So contrary to my meat eating tendencies I decided for a change to have vegetarian food!

And with good cause really!

My favorite non-Indian vegetarian cuisine would be a Chinese vegetarian place close to my heart.

Buddha’s Vegetarian in downtown Toronto! 🙂

I used to go there after temple almost every time I went to temple. If temple didn’t serve food that is. XD

So I think 3 times a month or something a special dish is made at the restaurant…don’t know what it’s called but in the front of the store usually contains the premade vegetarian food of the day!

So here it is!


And there it is! ^ deliciousness.

I also got the sample package of some of all the usuals.


I bought those both as take out so I’d have a premade dinner… For the rest of the week…! LOL JK


But at the restaurant I bought a noodle dish. And spring rolls!


Over 1000 views! And Korean food!

YAYYYY thank you to all my readers! I’ve finally reach 1000 views!

I’m going to give myself a pat on the back and virtually give you all a high five! *high five*


That was just proof. XD

So onto the Korean food!

I went to the Owl of Minerva, I went to the branch located in dragon city centre!

I ordered the Gom Tang, or beef bone soup!


And I really like the Bon chon that came with the soup!!! Mmm side dishes, yum.


I was a bit tempted to try the Soju, but at $15 CAD I didn’t think it was worth drinking alone. LOL

Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed with the Gom Tang itself. It was a bit bland and I had to put a lot of salt into it to even have a bit of taste. But I really like the Gamja Tang there, so next time I’m there I’ll get that. XD

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Snacks, foreign?

So since my other “snacks” post was so popular I decided to upload another batch of my recent snacking!

First off is the tonkotsu ramen I got from the Asian market nearby because I was hungry! Plus they looked interesting, I love me some ramen, packaged or legit.


Inside had two packages and the noodle. The bigger packaged contained the dry sauce, the smaller contained oil which you poured and mixed after the ramen was done.

Three minutes later…TADA!


I really enjoyed the tonkotsu ramen, but at $1.99 it was a little pricey compared to the other ramens available. Still quite a yummy snack!

Next up, papaya!
Yay tropical fruit in cold weather at 10C there’s nothing better than pretending its warm and eating like it is! xD


And to prove my healthy streak I also drank a fruit blend! I thought the packaging was adorable, so…I purchased it. XD


I feel weak against my food desires or maybe it’s just me being whimsical? Either way, thanks for reading!

Dimsum again? YAY!

Today started off a bit weirdly, I snubbed my big toe in the morning when I was walking down the stairs to go shower XD that was painful.

Then I got a free pair of glasses! LOL
I saw a reddit ad, and decided to see if it was legit, seems that it is and they’re currently having a promotion that your first pair of glasses is on them! I ordered Derek cardigan black fade, the total came out to be $40~ with shipping and handling and I added the scratch resistance + anti lens flare + anti uv rays LOL. I’ll update once I get them! But as far as I know the deal is available both on the US and Canada site:

And then the most fail/ funny thing happened when I opened my coconut milk LOL


I added the text because it seemed to fit!

Okay next the slide show of dimsum, I also got congee + Shu Mai but I decided not to take pictures of them since they’re redundant. I eat it too often.

First the chow mein, the difference between regular chow mein and this, is the fact that its more delicious, HK styled chow meinnnn! I kid, mostly it’s the cooking difference, they use a large wok to cook it, and flip the noodles with a lot of air. Regardless, I love it. Add a little hot sauce and it’s perfect!


Also there was a lot more noodles piled on top but I ate some before taking a picture. XD

Next: some awesome veggies, I didn’t catch the name of it when my grandmother ordered it but you can see it and order it regardless!


Thank you for reading, and I hope you nom soon! 🙂


So I didn’t really eat out much so I decide to post instead the awesome snacks I did have instead!

I bought some Takoyaki chips to share with my friend (Alo there!)! And it was quite interesting… LOL

It was one of those things you want to try and though it wasn’t bad I’m probably not ever going to buy it again LOL!



So the packaging was a total troll LOL it was a decent sized package on the outside but inside contained two smaller bags, one with the chips the other with the seasoning. You had to open both, dump the contents into the larger bag and shake. The product? The chips filled about 1/3 of the bag LOL. But yes the chips themselves was nice and crunchy, but I didn’t really like the seasoning.

Next up…Delicje! A polish snack, raspberry flavored in this case.

Needless to say it was delicious! LOL

I really like it.





Thanks for reading till the end ^_^

Fried noms and yums

This week’s post updates have been going fairly well if I don’t say so myself!

I’ve been a relatively good blogger so I decided to treat myself to some noms!

Here in Toronto it’s thanksgiving or in the states it’s Columbus Day, either way… THREE DAY WEEKEND AWW YEAAAAAAAA!

So yeah here are my noms of the day!

I started off breakfast/brunch at my local favorite bakery, Furama.

I had milk tea and a corn/ham bread NOM NOM NOM!



Look at that sexy bread.

For a snack I bought some spring rolls(fried, pork) and a pork puff thingy!