BNTgirl x MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam + Cloud Embo Massage Brush

Good day everyone!

Today I’ll be reviewing something everyone loves; a good foaming cleanser. Foaming is key.

I’ll be reviewing MAXCLINIC Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam + Cloud Embo Massage Brush. 


It comes in a beautiful blue gel like liquid and it turns into some nice cleanser foam with a little bit of elbow grease and water!

Although I saw elbow grease I just mean I have really weak arms, but once you get some momentum going you can definitely get some nice thick foam onto your face!

The brush itself is superrrrrrr soft, unbelievably soft. Usually face brushes have harder or rougher scrubs for a mini exfoliating action but only in the center of the flower massage brush is only slightly harder.

So I just usually add a pump onto my hand and spread it evenly around my face first. Once I have a nice layer on, I dip my brush into water and in circular motions apply pressure onto my face with the brush.

(Thin layer on)  

As a gel cleanser it works well if you use it as a two part cleansing routine, which means you’ll need another deep cleanser to probably remove more heavy duty make up.

But there are definitely some positives to the cleanser itself.

I really appreciate the vitamin cleanser, and the mini balls of vitamins that burst, it definitely makes my face feel rejuvenated and fresh. 

And I especially love the slight citrus smell, I think I’d buy anything with a citrus smell. One of my favorite scents is the zest of a lemon. 

I tested it out for 2+ weeks and it didn’t break me out and kept my skin looking fresh the entire time.

If you’re looking to try a new *soft* cleanser brush I’d definitely recommend the brush. Such a keeper.

Overall I’d give the product a 7/10.

I love the brush, but I’m not a super fan that it didn’t remove my waterproof make up. But it did remove all my foundation and base make up! 

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in

it (◕w◕ア

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BNTgirl x CATALINA GEO Color Capsule Make Up Base

Good evening!

So if you follow my blog, you’ll see that the title of my review today is very similar, and that’s because I’m again reviewing Catalina Geo’s Color Capsule Make Up Base!

But today instead of a green base, that reduces redness, I got a pink base which should make my skin more youthful!

Of course, like always I like to gauge it’s difference in color and texture, as a color difference could also mean a texture difference of the make up base. But nope, this time the base kept the same consistency of the green base I had gotten earlier, which smoothed out nicely once applied.



Once applied the base gives of a soft pale shimmer and makes me sparkle a little bit more than usual. A nice dewy finished!
I tested it all day while I was out, and it made sure my HERA UV mist cushion BB cream stayed on all day!

I was impressed.

It stayed on all day and made sure my face didn’t get too oily or made my make up runny. A true base.

I won’t lie, I liked this one better than the green one I reviewed previously probably because I didn’t have skin redness problems. But this one definitely enhanced my skin.

So overall I found that since the capsule base comes with different colors, the one that works best for you might not be the one that worked best for me.

Overall I rate this one a 8/10.

It’s a very solid primer, but if you’re not in the market for a Korean specific primer, I think the American ones might be easier to get or have the same price range. But it’s still a solid primer for what it is and what it does!

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in

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BNTgirl x MAXCLINIC Miraclinic Ampoule Dressing/Contouring Object

Honestly, this has been one of the most fun thing to test and review in a while. So I’m going to go straight into it.

Today I’ll be reviewing MAXCLINIC’s Miraclinic Ampoule Dressing/Contouring Object.

Its a double layer face mask, the bottom being a regular face mask and the top, a hardening mask layer.

It comes in a seriously cool package, each set containing 4 masks.

So the cool part about this mask is that it solidifies on your face, sort of like paper mache (all you kids from Canada will know). Or like those instant casts, you can just feel it go from dry paper -> wet paper -> dry paper again.

And it comes out in the shape of your face!

Of course there are benefits to this mask, like every mask. This one advertises a super lifting property, basically firming your skin right up and more!

Sorry about the wall of images about to come. But the images basically sum up my experience. It was fun, it took 35 minutes, and in the end I definitely felt like my jaw line was slimmer and my face felt tight.

First of course, I put on the mask on some clean skin.

The mask was a bit big so I had to fold the nose part up in order to breathe, which was a slight bummer, but nothing really, since I only had to fold the nose part up.

Next was the dry layer.

So the instructions said to press the dry second layer onto the wet layer in order to get the dry layer wet. Once I had thoroughly made sure the mask was set,I then waited 30 minutes and definitely felt the mask harden.

After 30 minutes it was time to take the mask off!

It definitely felt cool to take off a solid mask of your face.

And I think my face definitely looks slimmer and less red.

I definitely feel that I had a positive experience with this mask, although I know some of my other BNTgirl-mates haven’t had the same experience. But the weather, and humidity could definitely affect the ability of the second layer to reharden!

Overall I found this to be a fun, and good mask!

I rating this a 9/10. It showed positive results and it was fun! Just bummed that the set only has 4!

But you can get it here for $12.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in

it (◕w◕ア

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BNTgirl x Hwajin Cosmetics Homme Terrior (All-in-one)


Welcome to part 2 of the Hwajin Cosmetic set I got, moisturizer time!

Moisturize me. MOISTURE!

I’ll be reviewing Hwajin Cosmetic’s Homme Terrior All in One .


Honestly, at this point, I wish they marketed some women’s stuff to be like men’s. No nonsense, ALL IN ONE!

We’ve all seen those 5-219381 step routines, which I think are ridiculous for a student or anyone who can’t afford to spend 30-60 minutes on a skincare routine. This is just – bam, put on, done!


Welcome to the one step wonder for men, but I will use, because I’m lazy and this is great.

The packaging, feels like a solid men’s cologne; heavy, and dark. It’s a sexy sleek flask like looking thing, and it carries well.

The scent itself might be a bit off putting for women, since it’s a “manlier” scent, definitely smells like a musky, nature, wood kind of scent/vibe.

It works well as a moisturizer and more, and I find that it is a routine in one step. My face doesn’t feel dry, and stays moisturized all through the night.




But whatever, I can smell like a man cause who cares when I’ll be using it in my night routine, jk, it’s no longer a routine just a one shop does all.

I’m a bit envious that males are offered a convenient, just slather it on method, and I hope Korean cosmetic companies start to maybe start offering such products for women too.

But until then, I’ll be using this.

10/10 if I were a guy 9/10 for me because it has a lingering scent. I’m blending in with the boys now.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in

it (◕w◕ア

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BNTgirl x Hwajin Cosmetics Homme Terrior Dynamic BB Cream

So I was give a product pour homme (for men, en français).

Like the rest of the BNTgirls we either had a boyfriend or yourself, today I opted for myself (all by myselfffffffff~).

I’ll be reviewing Hwajin Cosmetic’s Homme Terrior Dynamic BB cream. [For men.]

The BB cream I got came in a set, and I’ll be reviewing the BB cream first then the All in One cream/moisturizer.


It comes in a pretty sleek, dark, and “manly” packaging.

That looks even better inside.


I feel like they should sell women BB creams like this, 2 in 1 set, moisturizers and BB cream together. The killer combo.


Honestly, I did test it on my male friends, who are Caucasian (white) and it was either too pale for them or it made them look weirdly poreless, so I didn’t feature them in the post.

BUT if you are a pale man, and do want to look poreless. THEN THIS IS THE PRODUCT FOR YOU!





As you can see it’s a tad a shade dark for me (I did blend it out to my neck to match), but you can definitely see it’s a solid BB cream, good coverage and matte finish. This could be a nice summer foundation/BB cream for me.

It’s a foundation that’s pretty long lasting as well.

Check me out here, about 10 hours later. Sorry I look awkward, cause I felt awkward. I woke up after a late afternoon nap and then went to dinner with friends.


Overall, I think if you’re a man with around shade 23 skin tone, this would be good for you.

9/10. Nice BB cream.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in

it (◕w◕ア

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BNTgirl x Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture ALOE VERA

Time sure flies when you’re having fun.

One of the first products ever given to me by BNTnews for the BNTgirls was the Comelyco Aloe, which you can read here. Now we’ve come full circle, two years later and I’m reviewing what may be the OG (original) aloe.

From Nature Republic, today I be reviewing their Soothing & Moisture ALOE VERA 92% Soothing Gel.


Ba-bam! I think it’s one of Nature Republic’s most quintessential products. It’s maybe what everyone associates it to at least. For around $5 USD there’s not much that can be it in price v. quality v. quantity. I still have about a quarter of the tub of the first aloe gel BNTnews gave me. So $5 for good times, you can’t beat that price.


Of course there’ll be differences, the most major of the two would be that Nature Republic’s features 3% less aloe, and I think that may be a good thing. The comelyco one was a bit too gel like and wouldn’t absorb into my skin properly, but I definitely felt like the Nature Republic one did.


Now the acne test, good news guys I actually had a minor hormonal break out to truly test this product last week. I’m weak especially on my forehead and my chin.

So the before:


The after (about 15 hours into viciously applying it onto my chin):


As you can see from the images, the redness definitely toned down A LOT. And overall it just calmed the whole problem area down.

I really like aloe, it’s a awesome gift from nature (heh, nature republic) and it’s yummy and it’s awesome for treating acne and sunburns.


So all in all, I definitely think everyone should just have a tub at home.

It’s $7 of happiness guys, totally worth.

You can get it for $7 and free 2 day shipping with prime here


This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in

it (◕w◕ア

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Italy Vlogs

Bonjour mes amis,

Some of you don’t know, but I have a youtube channel! And I decided to reinvigorate my channel starting with finally editing parts 2 and 3 of my vlogs in Italy from last March. I know it’s a year late. But better now than never.

Anyways I hope you enjoy them, as much as I’ve enjoyed editing them.

Coming up as well are 3 BNTgirl reviews, a review of the Hera UV Cushion with the Nickolas Kirkwood case, 3CE items and more vlogs from my time in Europe during the summer, I visited 13 cities and ate lots of yummy food!

Part 2 of my vlogs feature Venice ( Venezia) and one of my favorite Italian restaurants, Pontini!

Part 3 features a Michelin Starred restaurant, based in Milan, Al Pont De Ferr.

I wrote a review on TripAdvisor, here. If you want to read more dept of my experience. Or just watch the video. Overall it wasn’t the best michelin starred restaurant I’ve been to, especially for the price. But it was fun.


The luxury of sheep oil.

I always knew sheep skin fancy, so I got myself one in Poland, and I like eating lamb. But sheep oil cream was a new one for me. I guess it only makes sense to use the entire sheep though!

Today I’ll be reviewing KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM.

KICHO is a new brand for me to be reviewing but it seems like they’re coming to New York via Whole Foods! The place that gives you organic produce will give you another organic-ish produce, the KICHO Sheep Oil Cream!

The cream is made from pure lanolin extracted from New
Zealand sheep skin, i.e the wool, also featured in the photos. So fluffy! So plush!

Lanolin  + 8 Berry cream is said to be:
moisturizing, whitening, anti-oxidizing.


First thing you notice is the BEAUTIFUL packaging of the cream, it’s so pretty. And the container for the cream is made of solid glass. I love the heavy feel of creams, it just feels less cheap.


When you open it, you see that the lovely pattern of flowers continue, I love how cohesive the packaging is. It’s just so put together, the flower pattern inside and outside.


Of course you’d want to see the cream on my face. It’s quite moisturizing and a tad oily, so I only use it as my night cream. But the cream lasts throughout the dry winter-spring nights and leave my skin rejuvenated when I wake up.


It’s a nice heavy cream, especially for the night routine. It smells a bit lemon-y, which I found a bit odd, but not off putting.

Overall I found this to be a super solid cream, very comparative to the horse creams I was using before it, and I’ve replaced them with this cream instead.

I’ll be giving this a 9/10. Very good cream.

You can pick up one if you’re in New York City, at the Time Warner Whole Foods.

Otherwise you can check it out here on their site.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in

it (◕w◕ア

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BNTgirls x NATURE REPUBLIC Ginseng Royal Silk Gold Hydrogel Mask


Lately I’ve been heavily breaking out on my face, I should say that the break outs for me are relatively mild usually, maybe one or two pimples. But recently I’ve been getting clusters of them. CLUSTERS!

So I’ve pulled out all my masks and I’ve been doing treatments ON THE DAILY. Okay, maybe not daily, I don’t have time for that. Perhaps, every other day?

So needlessly to say, my face was ready to embrace NATURE REPUBLIC’s Ginseng Royal Silk Gold Hydrogel Mask. 


The mask comes in a fancy packaging, much like the cream that I previously reviewed. It even has the same scent as the cream!

I would describe this mask as a everything mask, because it seems to be targeting…everything. It has all the right ingredients to make a power puff girl, sugar, spice and everything nice.


Pure (99%) gold

Six-year-old red ginseng

Royal jelly collected from Jiri Mountain

Amino acid extracted from golden silkworms

Yeah know, the ingredients to make a girl lovely again.



I’ve got redness all over my face, and I’m trying to hide my chinples(chin pimples) with the mask, haha the shame. My skin is just sadness.

So the directions say to leave it on for 20-40minutes, I always do the max, for maximum effectiveness, 40 minutes! So basically 40 minutes of selfies.

It’s hard to take a cute selfie looking ugly, but regardless of the gold bling bling mask, the outcome was fantastic.


40 minutes later, and I’m looking definitely more than 40% happier, my chinples have seemingly faded a lot and the overall redness in my face decreased significantly.

I can only recommend this since it worked out so well for me.

However it comes with a pretty heft price tag.

You can buy 6 masks for $47 here.on amazon.

But if you can do some waiting it’s only around $4-7 on korean sites.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in

it (◕w◕ア

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Review: Benton Honest TT Mist Review

Oh my gosh, this has been the first non-BntNews review in a while. And I’m looking forward to posting my travel vlogs/blogs soon while on spring break. 3 weeks to go.

Today I’ll be reviewing something I got from Roseroseshop and South Korean retailer of all sorts of Korean skincare and cosmetics. They have fairly decent prices, so if you want to check them out, here’s the link.

Today I’ll be reviewing Benton Honest TT Mist. I’m pretty excited because this is my first Benton product that I’ve ever used and it’s super fantastic-elastic.

I feel kind of bad because I actually received this product about 3 months ago to start testing and using and I’m only uploading a review now. But the good news is that I’ve heavily tested it for the past three months and I have only good things to say about it.

Benton truly seems to care about the skin with the products, and it was especially shown with their mist. It has a pH similar to skin, which makes the mist a gentle, neutral to skin spray. It leaves the skin feeling fresh all sorts of the day.

I brought it along with my winter travels to California, and it feel like it helped my skin adjust to the drier winters there. My skin was just super dry there (it ded) and I used the spray at least twice a day (morning and night) to just make sure my skin didn’t die for the rest of the day.

If I had a drier skin patch, double sprayed there, skin dry patch faded. If I had a surprise pimple area, double sprayed there, pimple faded.  If someone was mean to me, double sprayed there, person faded.

You get the idea, I sort of used it as a all purpose spray, and I loved it. I think I finally understand those Korean dramas where the girls just spritzed everywhere all the time. I turned into that. Universal Studios, check. Disneyland, check. Pre-dinner, check. Las Vegas, check. Basically everywhere I was spritzing.


I’m a bit sad now as I’ve finished about half the bottle now but I can at least tell you all that I love it.

Plus it’s cheap. You can get it from roseroseshop here for ~$7. That’s crazy cheap, especially for something that I used basically all the time. Time to repurchase. Can’t wait.

Even though I was given this as a product to review for roseroseshop, this of course contains my 100% honesty.

Thus 10/10. I’m definitely rebuying. SPRITZ!