BNTgirl x Guerisson 9-Complex

Orange you happy I didn’t start this off with a terrible joke?

Zing- zesty citrus scents.


I’m excited to say I’ll be reviewing Guerisson 9-Complex cream, which is packaged so cutely in a orange case, luxury at its finest, and has a citrus based scent. I love it all, first impressions are lasting impression, and the 9-complex cream won my heart visually and with it’s smell.

Can you feel my heart skip a beat? I’m always excited to try a good cream.

Inside the awesome case had the cream itself and a spatula for sanitary usage of the cream. This is especially helpful when you read online about how using your hands directly transfers bacteria and germs into your creams. So we already know it’s luxurious when they provide a super cute spatula.

guerisson.Still002Like the other face cream I recently reviewed, it’s a oil based cream, so those with normal/combo/dry skintones can use this without worry, oily skinned people beware. But with it’s horse oil, it means uber hydration and a happy hydrated face.

The cream, is advertised to help with, wrinkles, whitening, moisture/hydration and the elasticity of the skin. Meaning it’s a versatile skin care product, for wrinkles at least prevention is better than trying to reverse aging.

By moisturizing your face and keeping it hydrated your face is basically wrinkle-proofed as a huge cause of wrinkles is because of lack of face hydration. But wait, there’s more, the cream is suppose to last 72 hours (3 whole days!) so you can apply twice a week and you should be solid.

Like the other cream before it, I’d suggest only using a dabble of the cream, as a small amount goes a long way. Very long way, all over your face, with no problem.



I think this cream is the perfect day or night face cream, as it’s not too oily so you’ll be able to put your make up over it.

It’s the perfect cream to try out if you looking for a mid-ranged cream.

I’m giving this a 7/10, only because I find this to be a bit expensive MSRP is around $50USD

but it’s current on sale on amazon for $20 USD here.
This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it (◕w◕ア

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Bntgirl x Amaranth Ultra Hydrating Cream

Snowwwwwww day!

Sorry for the week long break between two reviews, but I finally had time to edit the video footage I had since it has been crazy snowing in my area. School has been excused, and now I’m back to my blog in my spare time.

Today I’m be review Amaranth’s Ultra Hydrating Cream, it’s described on it’s packaging sort of like what a face primer would do. It says it’ll help instantly retouch, smooth and revitalize your beauty performance (of the face). Sounds a lot like a primer, no?

However I’m Sherlock Doris and I have free time and I decided to find out what it really is.

I found it’s a Cosmetic company owned by Samsung, gasp! No, haha I meant what it does to your face, but in all seriousness it is owned by Samsung.

I’ve tested it two ways, before foundation (or bb cream) or together, mixed.

In between I wanted to show how I looked with just regular BB Cream on. I’ll be using Lancome’s BB cream and also Photogenic Luminesse.

To be honest it doesn’t feel like any of the primers I’ve ever used but it feels oddly similar to my starfish creams, the consistency is about the same and it feels like it instantly hydrates my face after application. In fact it’s eerily similar to the Sorabee Starfish cream I previously reviewed here.

DUN DUN DUN Sherlock Doris discovered they are managed under the same company! It’s a whole new roller coaster!

It gives off the similar floral-ish scent but I much more prefer the Ultra Hydrating Cream!

Anyways into the more important information. I’ll now show you the differences between the different ways of putting it on.

First, using it as a primer, I’ll put it on before foundation. You’ll see it mattefies my face and almost makes me a bit whiter, sort of like Missha’s MM Bloomer.



Next is just foundation so you can see how it is regularly.



Now to quickly compare the both side by side.



As you can see I look much more dewy with just foundation, what you can’t see is that I felt much less hydrated with foundation, I had a few flaky spots on my forehead.

So what I really want was a compromise, I wanted dewy skin that was moisturized and that helped my complexion.

Tada, I read that you didn’t just need to just use it as a base but as combination. You just mixed a equal parts of each with a brush before application. This gave me my favorite complexion! Dewy and happy skin!


Fantastic, radiant glowing skin.

Now to compare all three.


Yep, so that’s how I like it! Mixed together in application! It creates a nice hue for winter perfect skin! BYE BYE SKIN FLAKES!

Sherlock Doris out!

Unfortunately it’s not currently available online, must be a new product (much excite!) But when it’s available I’ll link it below.

I’m giving this a 8.5/10, it’s a fantastic face primer moisturizer and together it does some voodoo magic on my face!

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BNTgirl x Comelyco JEJU Organic Aloe 95% Gel

Bonsoir! Alo!

I’m back, and I’m sad to say this might be my last BNTBeauty Box series review, good news though, I’ll actually be pairing these reviews with video reviews. So hopefully everyone will get a better sense, or visual, of the product.

First up is one of my favorite products this time in my BNTBeauty Box, it’s Comelyco’s Jeju Organic Aloe 95% Soothing Gel! Aloe is so in, very haute stuff (haha, get it? It’ll help soothe your burnt skin).

First off let’s set the scene, Jeju Island (Hawaii-like but Korean?), sand between our toes and the nice heat of the sun against our skin. Ouch, too much sun maybe? Aloe to the rescue.

As the product states in it’s very informative title, it’s a gel that’s 95% aloe and is from Jeju (organic). Jeju(do) is an Korean island south of the Korean mainland, on the Korean Strait, and is a very popular honeymoon/vacation spot for tourists and nationals alike. The island is suppose to have healing properties, from it’s volcano/volcano mud, and the warmer climate in general.

Almostttttttttttttt paradiseeeeeee~

Don’t you just think about Boys over Flowers as well when you think of Aloe x Jeju?

Plus it’s organic. It contains no;

  • Artificial Colors
  • Parabens
  • Benzopenone
  • Animal raw materials
  • PG
  • PEG
  • formaldehyde

Ecofriendly Aloe is the best aloe, anytime anywhere, be it on the beach on a exotic Korean island or at home (representing the North-East of the USA here). But what does aloe do you may ask?


Now this maybe silly, but you may also ask what does it smell like??? Aloe. I’m not very helpful here but if you go to a bubble tea shop and if they do serve aloe jelly it smells like this! So it also smells like bubble tea….yum. Less sugar-y of course.


But really, most importantly, what does it do for your skin.

Aloe-mazing things.

For the past week, I’ve been majorly stressed; projects, exams, life, lack of sleep etc, the whole lot. It left my skin in pretty bad shape, Comelyco’s Jeju Organic Aloe 95% came in like a present sent from the skincare gods.

In the next few photos I’ll show you in the course of 3 real days how it transformed my skin complexion (dull ->radiant) and how it helped with my acne/redness greatly. Seriously aloe-rrah!

First let’s show my nose, as you can see on the tip there’s a few bumps, small imperfections (mini acne attack) and redness.


Bippity boppity boo-aloe! Nose awesomeness.

Next major pain/acne attack area is my chin.


Transforming my skin, one day at a time, you can see how the acne spots and red spots simply disappear, like they were never there to harass me. BNTbeauty Box savior.

Here’s a picture of my overall complexion, see the magic. Bare skin magic. I feel ready to show the world my naked face after aloe-jic happened.



This aloe gel has been amazing to my face for the last week or so, and I can’t say anymore great things about it, besides it’s wonderful.

But wait, there’s more!

You can buy this skin wonder here for only $5.44. Yes. You read that right. $5.44.

I’m giving this skincare magic in a jar a 10/10.

My full blessing. What’s there to lose? It costs as much a Venti latte from Starbucks, go ahead, enjoy.
This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it ❤

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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette Swatched and More! So this is just a brief follow up of the video I posted above. ^^^ I’ll just quickly do a run down of the palette and the colors if you were more curious visually what they look like. So here are all three together. hourglassblush.Still003 As my video said, luminous flush was more of a rosy pink shade, while incandescent electra was more of a true pink glow. Mood exposure was the deepest shade of red/pink in the palette. Here are some video stills of each shade. Luminous Flush: flush2 flush   My favorite: Incandescent Electra. electra2 electra And lastly: Mood Exposure. mood mood2   Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the video. xoxoxo Follow me on Twitter or Instagram for more updates

Review: Bello-Vita Cell Optimizer S-Essence

So you know that feeling when we accidentally spray perfume into your face and you immediately breathe in like an idiot and it’s kind of too much? No? Just me?

Okay well this product is like that, but a less intense. The scent is a much lighter than a perfume, so an eau de toilette type, kind of a refresher scent.

Which isn’t really, bad just milding annoying to begin with, but after that your face is smelling pre-tty good.

Today I’ll be reviewing Bello-Vita’s Cell Optimizer S-Essence.



Like the intro stated one of the flaws of this product is that it’s like an eau de toilette, on your face. But that’s one of it’s good points too at the same time, as your face will be smelling great going to sleep.

The essence is suppose to make your face hydrated and leave it feeling supple and silky.

The application itself is easy and you just spray and pat. Catching the spray itself on video shows how strong the spritz is.


It’s quite a strong and fine mist. You know it’s high quality when the mist action is so fine. However it’s a bit strong so I recommend you spritzing about 6-8inches away from your face, so the density against your skin is less. Less dense, less force, it’s simple physics?

The Essence itself looks quite luxurious on the outside and even it’s packaging is a beautiful golden shade. Another cool fact is that the bottle itself has a light opacity so you can see through the bottle to check how much you have left.

However, since it’s still summer hydration/moisture on my skin isn’t really a problem so I haven’t been able to notice any changes in my skin after using it for about a week.

But my face does smell nice, so I have that going for me.

Unfortunately it was my least favorite product in my BNTnews beautybox this time, because everything else was so awesome.

I’m giving this a 5/10 on the doris scale. Only because the pumper mechanism is pretty awesome.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it ❤

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Review: MIGABEE Peppermint Pureberry Oil Soap

I love peppermint, it reminds me of good Canadian winters growing up. Hot chocolate? Put some peppermint in that. Mentos? Already is super pepperminty. Coca-Cola? Don’t put Mentos in that.

Peppermint is love, peppermint is life. And Christmas smells.

All that said, I was really excited to try Migabee’s Peppermint Pureberry Oil Soap. Because nothing is more refreshing and not made more awesome than peppermint.


The product is a really catch all product, as it’s advertised to be a make up remover, shampoo and body wash. I’m ready to smell like peppermint head to toe. Mama needs.

So all you had to do is add some water and it immediately foams/lathers up.

It works marvelously and it smells like peppermint!

I also tried it as body wash, and now my body will smell like peppermint for weeks to come. I love this 3-in-1 product. It does everything however I won’t be giving up my shampoo for Migabee’s catch all because my hair has been colored it needs special shampoo.


As a tester to see if it removes the toughest make up I put on;

  • Urban Decay’s Glide on Cheek Tint
  • Stila’s Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
  • The Face Shop’s My lips Eat Cherry lip tint.

And to my surprise it removed it all!


I find this product to be one of my favorites in the box, as it smells like peppermint and I can use it to do basically everything to do with washing.

It’s the perfect product for a 50% lazy girl like me to use sometimes on the hardest days, when I’m lazy.

You can find this Soap Oil for $29 here.

I’m giving this product a 9/10 on the Doris scale.

It’s a great peppermint product.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it ❤

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Review – Sorabee Balancing Aqua Cream

Welcome back!


So today I’ll be reviewing Sorabee’s Balancing Aqua Cream, which is one of the products I received from BNTnews as a BNTgirl!

It’s one of my favorite creams out of the batch I got of them. For a special reason….and that it turns from a gel like cream into a liquid (as shown below)!



AHHHH it’s pretty much the coolest cream I have now, and I’m so in love with it. It contains collagen from sea stars apparently! I don’t really know how it would help hydrate/fade out scars but I loooooove the consistency.

Sorabee’s cream is suppose to brighten, hydrate and be a anti wrinkle product.

It’s absolutely wonderful and it smells like a lightly scented perfume, it’s not harsh on the nose at all and I can rub it all over my face without worries.

So to break it down;


  • it smells good
  • it turns into magic liquid


  • I have no idea where to repurchase it, a seller doesn’t show up in the first 2 pages of a google search (basically INVISIBLEEEEE)
  • doesn’t really feel like a great moisturizer as alcohol is listed as an ingredient

I’d rate this as a 6.8/10 as I love the liquid magic it does but I’m not so sure about it’s hydrating nor anti-wrinkle effects.


If you haven’t noticed I changed the blog’s theme and also added a side menu button


In it I made a “About Me” page and quicker access if you want to see make up or food! I’ll further narrow it down in a bit.

Evidently I have nothing better to do since all my bffs have ditched meeeee, so I’ll be productive with my blog.

I know I’ve been lacking in the make up tutorials lately so I’ll have one coming up soonnnnn and maybe a hair tutorial along with it!

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it ❤

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Review – iSOi Bulgarian Rose Blemish Serum

Hello again guys,

Well that was quick! I’m back again— for another review! I’ll hopefully post a make up tutorial soon!P1160701

Today I’ll be reviewing iSOi’s (I’m SO intelligent) Bulgarian Rose Blemish Serum!


According to the website :



It seems like quite a luxury product at first glance, it has a study clearish pink glass container with a pump no less! And at a retail price of $50 on ebay and other Korean website sellers it seems like quite a higher end serum. But according to it’s website it’s iSOi’s best selling product with over half a million sold! I think that’s quite impressive especially since it’s a bit more costly.

Now how I feel about it, it has a nice pleasant smell (think roses and a bouquet of flowers but softer and more subtle) it has a great cooling sensation on the skin. And I think it actually may work! I’ve been applying it almost every other day for about a month, and especially on my problem areas (such as any pimples or red areas or places with pores). And I’ve been noticing my pimples disappearing more quickly and a more even skin tone (super yay!).

Sequence 03.Still003


I just pump a little bit and spread it evenly on my face, and then a cream afterwards! And that’s basically my night skin routine. Plain and simple.


Now how I feel about it. I actually fairly like this product, but like it enough to spend $50 on it? Ehh, maybe.

I’ll give this product a solid 8/10.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it ❤

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Review: 3 Concept Eyes – I’m good mascara

Hello Lovelies, makeuplol So as promised here is my review for the 3CE I’m good mascara. Prepare yourselves for gifs, much gifs. I had so much fun editing the video that I took some highlighted parts and made gifs, so prepare yourselves for the future.     My overall impressions of the mascara itself is LOVE LOVE LOVE. It doesn’t have a weird perfumed scent (yay!) and it does what it’s advertised to do-kind of. It’s suppose to be a “doll” like mascara but I don’t find myself looking extra dolly-ish after it. HOWEVER I do find I love it’s non smudgy-ness, oil control and waterproof-ness. It’s absolutely wonderful, I’m a pretty active girl because I’ve been trying to lose weight or I’m constantly on the go and I don’t like worrying about my mascara smudging onto the bottom of my eyes making me a panda (like my favorite Benefit I’m real! mascara). I’ve tested it out on various occasions. So here we go let’s start out with my after a 10 mile bike ride: photo (3) No smudging at all even after a light workout! That’s impressive, I usually avoid make up when I’m doing any exercise because I hate it when my eyeliner or mascara would smudge, but with this mascara I don’t even have to worry about it and continue on with my day. Even more impressive is the next photo where I went to LA Fitness and basically went in the hot tub AND sauna for 30 minutes. photo (2) No smudging. At. All. So basically if you’re a active girl or a girl on the go I would definitely recommend this to you. Sorry about my stray eyebrow hairs, trying to grow out my eye brows to reshape them. :> But yea these next photos are basically just a whole day (13 hours) progression of my lashes and how the mascara kept them curled all day long. Sequence 01.Still003 Sequence 01.Still004   So to break it down. Pros:

  • lasts a long time (forever)
  • can exercise with it
  • can withstand water
  • basically a magic mascara for the summer
  • doesn’t smell weird


  • doesn’t really volumize my lashes
  • doesn’t make them dolly?

Overall verdict I give this mascara a 9.5/10.   You can buy this mascara on stylenanda for $22. Thanks for reading! This review was part of my BNTgirls review line. Other BNT Girls: JoanneKine, CarinaBella.   bntgirls badge

BNTgirls x Leaders “AQUA DRESSING” mask Review

Hello my beautiful readers!

*edit* OMG it’s my 100th post! ೕ(Ò⺫ Ó )೨

I’m starting a new section of my blog called Ice Cream Time reviews, all videos that show that will basically mean I got the reviewed items free from BNTnews international but like all my other blogs they will be 100% my POV (point of view).


Okay, so let’s start.

I’m going to review Leader’s AQUA DRESSING MASK.

It’s supposed to help with;

  • dry skin
  • deadskin cells
  • rough skin
  • sensitive skin



So yeah that’s just what I looked like with the mask on. Huehuehuehuehue…

So I’m just going to go ahead and say it smells weird, like really weird, not a truly bad or good weird…just weird my nose just adjusted to it’s weird scent after a while so I didn’t notice the smell as much later on. But….It was truly weird. Other than that the mask was fantastic it gave me a nice glowly-dewy skin afterwards….TADA (pics below)


And the day after I ate at a restaurant named “Corks Restaurant” at Niagara-On-The-Lake. Basically wine country and my face looked radiant all day and I only had bb cream on my face, no concealer or foundation! (✿◠‿◠)



So overall I think the weird scented mask was well worth the 20-25 minutes it was on my face because it made my skin look soooooooooooo dewyyyyyyy I should’ve taken more selfies that day. But I can’t wait to review all the masks that were given to me! I’m sure it helped with my dry skin, but since I don’t have rough skin and I’ve been using My Beauty Diary Egg White Gommage Face Mask (review soon) I don’t have much dead skin cells. So overall I’d rate this a 8/10 only because of the weird scent. But I loved the gummy texture of the face mask itself and the fact that it made my skin look oh so wonderful.


Solid 8/10 for this mask for me.


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